About the company

     ProtectM Artefatos Metálicos Ltda is a company with more than a decade of Market presence, always looking for new partners and aiming to serve them with a high level of trust, respect and with quality products.


     Our Engineering and Projects department use the latest generation software and modern CNC machines and equipment (Computer Numerical Command).


     Varying between wall and floor models, our 19-inch standard racks can range from 03U to 44U (height), 370 mm to 1070 mm (depth), in black, white and beige.


Why choose ProtectM products?

• Excellent cost-benefit;

• Esthetic and modern design;

• Great finish.

• Door options in acrylic or closed.



Manufacturer with extensive experience in metal / mechanical tracking.


     Always in tune with our customers and taking into account the real needs of each customer. This work aims to support our distributors, empowering their employees and obtaining an improvement in customer service in all phases of the sale. 

    By improving the partnership with our customers we noticed a real increase and significant sales volume per customer.



Innovating every day!



     ProtectM Artefatos Metalicos LTDA.

     R. Alcides Nunes, 1005 - Vista AlegreMarília/SP

     CEP 17.520-010


              Tel  +55 14 3481 8700

              Whats App:   14 9 9836-6662
              E-mail: contato@protectm.com.br